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36 Cockburn Road
Albany WA 6330

56 Cockburn Road
Albany WA 6330

Phone:  08 9842 3855
Fax:  08 9842 2360

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Tanya Campbell - A/Chief Executive Officer, Tel (08) 9892 9426

Vicki Corpus - Executive Officer, Tel (08) 9892 9427

Penny Bryant - Finance Manager, Tel (08) 9892 9412

Lisa Carlyle - Admin/Payroll Manager, Tel (08) 9892 9436

Adrian Valley - Training and Development Manager, Tel (08) 9892 9402

Renee Sarich - Human Resource Manager, Tel (08) 9892 9461

Reception, Tel (08) 9842 3855

The team at CLA is made up of Support Workers, Co-residents, Coordinators, Admin Staff, HR Staff, Managers and the Chief Executive Officer.

Our Support Workers and Co-residents are the association's greatest asset. These people are committed to ensuring the best outcomes for people with a disability, and they actively work towards supporting people to be active members of our community.

CLA has over 255 Support Workers and we could not provide the quality service we do without them. They are joined by a team of Coordinators and Administrative Staff who share the vision of wellbeing, choice and inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of community life.

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